Howdy! First off thanks for visiting my site and if you haven't noticed my name is Remy Martin. I've been called many things over the last 8+ years, Web Designer, Web Developer, UI Engineer, UI Designer and even a Unicorn. There is one thing in common these names all share and that is I work towards providing users with a captivating experience in one form or another ranging from web to mobile.

Lately I've been going by what folks call a Product Designer, which encompasses both UX + UI skills and leverages them to create products people actually want to use and are delighted when they do. I consider myself a T-shaped generalist but I do have a sweet spot and that's design in a mobile context. I'm extremely passionate (maybe too much?) about providing users with great kick ass experiences that make them smile so being able to affect how a person feels through design is very rewarding.

Find me online:

If you prefer email you can get in touch through here.

My Ideal Design Process

  • Discovery

    • Define and understand Goals

    • Learn and Research by talking to users and conducting interviews/audits

    • Start the Ideation process

  • Build

    • Sketch on Paper/Whiteboards

    • Create Wireframes

    • Prototype

    • Visual Design

  • Test

    • Get insights and feedback from users and stakeholders

  • Release

    • Release to production for users to use

  • Analyze

    • Understand the impact and learn from it

Design Tools

Technologies I've worked with